Jim Jubak

Jim Jubak


Jim Jubak is the founder and editor of JubakPicks.com, JugglingWithKnives.com, and JubakAssetManagement.com. Previously, he was the editor of Venture magazine, senior financial editor at Worth magazine, and for 12 years senior markets editor at MSN Money.

His Jubak Picks stock portfolio, begun online at MSN Money in 1997, has returned 584% from May 1997 to the end of 2019, compared with the S&P 500 return of 335% during the same period. He has written four books: In the Image of the Brain (about neural networks), The Worth Guide of Computerized Investing, The 50 Best Stocks in the World, and most recently (2016) Juggling With Knives: Smart Investing in the Coming Age of Volatility.

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Juggling With Knives

This website is based on my book, Juggling with Knives. Both the book and website are about volatility in everything from stocks and bonds to real estate, and real life topics such as jobs and education.

This website keeps the content of the book fresh and the advice and strategies up to date. If you've purchased the book, you've earned a one year free subscription. Use the Coupon Code in the book to start your FREE subscription when you Subscribe on this website.

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